Before the Bands

Go Go girls with Security Wannabe

V Sparks

The Charms playing to one?

Rattle that tambourine

We're enjoying this

Got my tambourine back and I want to thank Budda on guitar!

Chesterfield Kings.... wild....

And scary!


Fancy some Spaghetti?

Townshend Who?

I'm gonna clap my hands and hope I get a tambourine

I have washed it at least once since I saw Dylan

When I say I'm in love....

Sharp Suit

Man, i'm liking this.

David starting to relax

And enjoying

Check the focus Man!


Check for flare.... (You've got none DAFlippers)

We all remember Johnny

And the New boys fit in just perfectly

And now you're walking

This is rocking

Sorry Sylvain... but to quote you...

The kids are back


We mean it Maan

Blow that Harp

Get a good pic Kevin?

This is just so much fun

Rock.... and.... Roll

We are enjoying this

This is how it's done

Oh Yes....

All Dolled up

The Axemen

This is how you do it

I don't want anyone recognising me...

Kevin, get your hair cut

Just noticed the product placement

Singing his heart out

This is serious Rock and Roll

And fun

Are you in the picture?

Serious work

What's David looking for?

Now it's Sylvain's turn to look

Singin', smilin' and happy

Hold that chord

Most of Dance like a Monkey, most of Personality Crisis and Tommy.  But the sound is really distorted and don't expect HD Video!